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Triumvirate Productions

Three idiots and a podcast

Latest Episode

The newest episodes of What the F**k History and Tonight the News will be released bi-weekly. Click the button  below to listen or find us wherever you listen to podcasts.


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   The Triumvirate

The Triumvirate is a New England based podcast group and creators of What the F**k History and Tonight the News. What more do you want us to say about ourselves? Our favorite color is purple, favorite season is fall, and if you want to hear three friends laugh at their own stupidity or make you realize the horrors of the world around you, sometimes both at the same time, well then you're in the right place. Welcome to weird side, make sure to buckle up as you take your seat in the time traveling Ford Tacoma





Writer & Host

Matt gives himself a small pat on the back for developing the groundwork ideas for Tonight the News and for his incoherent ramblings during a game of D&D which birthed the idea for WTF History. He writes and edits for Tonight the News, providing his voice to a number of random characters, and laughs his way through history’s hijinks along with the two other member of The Triumvirate.



Writer, Host, & Designer

Self described best as a bargain bin Athena, Meghan has generalized knowledge of many things. She writes and researches stories for Tonight the News and lends her voice to Joan Risch. On WTF History, she's the one claiming that she got some degree from one university or another when what she really wanted was to major in becoming the local version of the fairy queen Titania.



Writer, Host, & Producer

As your official god king and one of the three behind The Triumvirate, Zachary works as a writer, voice talent, and sound editor. You’ll hear him giggling in the background on WTF History and transitioning to the smooth baritone of John Doe in Tonight the News. Best described as semi-lovable, full idiot. 

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